Unreal4 Explode FX



Hi Guy!
I made a new explode FX in unreal4,hope you like it!



Very cool, would love to see a bigger version!


big version is here:grin:


Great timing of the overall blast and radial elements. Smoke could use some better dissipation, the alpha fade is a bit rushed feeling. Some lingering smoke or atmosphere after the fact would be a nice touch.

Nice work!


That’s a good suggestion!thanks!~




666 boom!boom! boom!


good one…sparks could have been stay bit longer…


Super cool ! NewBee ! SixSixSix !




thanks for suggestion !i well fix it:grinning::grinning:




looking good.
I would give the debris fragments a little more varied initial velocity & also vary the gravity on them too (fragments will be of differing materials & mass & surface area so shouldn’t all behave like rocks). This will break up the overall dome shape of the explosion & also help break up the timing of the elements fading out. The fragments should probably have a much longer lifespan so they stay sat on the ground afterwards.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


The bloom and amount of emissive on this is fantastic! Feel warm just looking at it!


It’s looking good, Two things i noticed instantly, The sparks die too abruptly and your smoke fade is too hard. I suggest having the smoke fade in your texture by the last frame or near faded.

Overall it’s looking good. Lovely timing etc, One thing i would note, the lingering element is missing.


GOOD SUGGESTION! thanks for the point! I will fix it later :smiley:


NICE idea!thanks for the feedback :grinning::grinning::grinning:




恩~最终版我在调整一下 现在是有些空----