Unreal Post Process

I’m trying to output a scene from Unreal that has a custom post process.
But the buffer size is wrong somehow and it shrinks the image down to about a quarter of the screen…but not EXACTLY. I’m wondering if this is a simple question someone here has a handle on or if I should go straight to the forums. I always forget my login there.

Put simply, Sequencer is not rendering my custom post process correctly.

Submitted for your approval…a place where coordinates only matter when the viewport is identical to the screen. A place between man’s greatest fear, and the summit of his knowledge…


Are you able to reproduce this without the custom node? I can’t think of a reason off the top of my head but not sure how to reproduce what you are seeing from the info provided.

I thought I tried that…but apparently i forgot to hit “APPLY”
The error is actually in the custom node.

The node calls the scene texture again and I don’t understand why it’s double transformed.