Unreal Engine Material "Add" blend is different from Unity shader graph "Add" Blend

hi everyone.
i was working in unreal engine material on water shader and i just found ue4 material add blend works differently than unity shader graph or any other software add blend mode. ue4 “Blend_LinearLight” node was working something like shader graph add blend but not exactly same. is there any way i can get same output in ue4 .

Blend_LinearLight is a linear version of Blend_Overlay, providing harsher results

I think you expected the result : Blend_LinearDodge - adds the Base color to the Blend color.

check this.https://youtu.be/E-5-omc0lgg he is using add blend. i was trying this in unreal engine.

The shader graph in the video you linked (1:23) uses another node after the add node that increases the contrast. That’s actually what Linear Light does–it increases contrast. Before he adds the Clamp node, the add looks identical to Unreal… after all, it’s the most basic blend a shader can do.

If you’re referring to some other section of the video, please clarify.