Unreal Beams Resetting


I am currently working on an effect in Unreal with some beams. I have create noise on the beams which is nice, slow and smooth. However the beams seam to change position randomly.

Has anyone else come across this and found a remedy?

I have searched the internet but not had any luck yet :disappointed_relieved:

**edit, adding capture to show the problem a bit better. The noise keeps moving


Do you have a noise module on your beam? The noise module might change your beam over its lifetime. Make sure to set the ‘Noise Lock Time’ to the beams lifetime, and also increase the Lock Radius.


Beams in Cascade are a bit of a fu****. Sometimes they emit even though your emission is set to 0 etc. So if the Noise is not the source of your problem, try to fiddle around with the Lifetime of the Beams, your max Number of Beams, your SpawnAmount and the Duration of your Emitter.
All of these together seems to solve most of my problems with the unreliable spawn behaviour.

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Is the beam meant to grow or just be continuous? This feels like a timing issue to me; maybe spawning to many and causing it to bug out. I am unsure from this perspective.

Thank you for the solution. It was super helpful…

Beams in unreal are particularly ‘unique’. I think in future I will look at using a mesh and scaling it between points or a sprite scaled with a reveal in the material itself.

Thank you again, much appreciated