Unity VFX Graph and Simple particle system together

Can we use Unity VFX Graph and Simple Particle system together in one effect In unity? If yes, how can we play together? because as I know both have different playing options. plz anyone can help me with that?

You can have them both parented to an object and have it as a prefab. Then to spawn the effect just spawn that prefab and both will play.

Thanks for Answering me if you remember Im Stuck on that mesh in VFX Graph so I am thinking to make it in a simple particle system and play with VFX Graph. let me try that

its not playing together I did try

What happens if you spawn them?

A simple particle system is not working, I have to play them separately from them a player.

Does it have ‘Play on Awake’ ticked?

no, it’s not working on that as well, can you try that in your unity and if it works please kindly let me know or send a Video of how you did that?

oh weird. I will try it tomorrow maybe

okay, thank you so much

hmm interesting, in editor view it doesn’t work, but it works in play mode

you could also put them into timeline

ok thanks, I will see that.

This is weird it just worked on my side, what unity version are you using? It can be a bug that was fixed later maybe

Hey, thanks for replying, I am using Unity Version 2021.3.20f1 With HDRP Pipeline, if it works for you, can you send me a video of how you made that work together? it would be might be helpful for me.