Unity Stylized FX


Yes! Thank you sooooo much!


Lots of really cool stuff! I really like the Hit FX that you showed in the Color Pattern Tool video. The few slightly darker sprites are a great touch.


One more question! How did you make glowing effect around mesh?
Sorry for disturbing you so much


I’m using “Post Processing Stack” asset.
This is “bloom” post effect, not shader and material works.


Hi, I’m a 3D artist
I’m start to learn Fx by my self recently.
I’m really like your work.
Can I ask how to start to learn this kind of style fx?
And what should I need to know or learn first?


Hi shian, you can take a look at Jason Keyser’s tutorials about hand drawn effect (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTsHOf6aZcw).


OK,I’m going to learn right now.
By the way ,How to use this kind of hand paint effect use in particle system?
Does it used with mesh and uv?
thank you very much for your suggesttion.
I hope I can do such wonderful fx like you one day.