Unity Shader Graph - SHIELD VFX with Collision Detection


I had a blast creating this Shield effect that detects hit collisions. The impact detection is done with a script that controls a property of a Sphere Mask in the shader, check it out:



Thanks so much for your hard work in putting together this tutorial!

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You are welcome, enjoy :wink:

This looks awesome, I’m checking this out - thank you very much for sharing your knowledge!

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EDIT: Long story short, I had some problems with the uv-mapping in blender, but I think you had to adjust the edges one by one to make it uniform. Otherwise I had no idea how you made it so beautifully cohesive in one click xD.

Yeah it’s tricky and it’s simpler then it looks. The first time you unwrap it, erase the UV maps. Then, unwrap again and you get the pentagons and hexagons. Just blender stuff.