Unity particle systems and shader practice

Hello to VFX community!
As you may (or may not) know, I started learning Unity shaders recently, and here I want to show you my progress on understanding the art of shader VFX. Every FX is made with Unity ShaderGraph.

Shaders + Particle systems:

Also I want to show you my older works without shaders:

Particle systems with frame-by-frame 2D animation (lasers and smoke)
(Every backgrounds here are took from Google pictures)

Also thanks to everyone for really warm and motivating feedback on my last post! This is unbelievable for me, I can show my works to such a professionals! :3
Well, have to say lately I barely can mix my university study with my hobby, but I really hope university won’t slow my VFX learning process since I really wanna work in VFX industry.

This is my true dream.


this looks amazing!, such an inspiration and motivation :smiley:

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