Unity: Amplify Assets (Need Advices)

I’m thinking on getting the entire tools Amplify Creation has to offer, but I have some questions first that hopfully some of you could help me with.

What are the main differences of the Unity default post effects compare to Amplify’s?

And the core differences between shadeforge and amplify?

Anyone with experience that is recommending or not about them?

Link: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making


Can you link to them? I don’t have a long history dabbling in unity, but i’m curious to explore too :wink:

Sorry, didn’t think about link.
Link added :slight_smile:

Hi @Ohadgfx,

We only use AmplifyColor but didn’t regret the choice so far. It really helped shape the look of our game in a way we couldn’t have done in Unity.
It gives really advanced color grading control and the usability is great. You can just bring a screenshot of your game view into photoshop, color correct it as you wish and AC translates it into in-game settings. You can even blend between two or more CCs. Great to change the mood in your scene without having to place and change dozens of lights on runtime.

I’m not entirely sure about that but afaik you’ll need Photoshop in order to use its full feature set. I think it’s the only tool with a proper bridge to AC. Might be the only downside I can think of.

Cheers :slight_smile: