Uncharted 4 Torch Fire

Im looking to make some fire that looks like these torches from uncharted 4. I love how the base stays local with the torch but how the flame continues to rise and behave dynamically as the player moves. Does anyone have techniques or knowledge on how to achieve this with ribbons, or other particles?



Swear there was a GDC with a breakdown on Uncharted 4 but I can’t find it… also this may lead you in right direction.

I would go for a few flames rendered or stock footage on Ribbons, with a few stray particles.

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Thank Simon again :wink: Tomb Raider – Laras Hot Secrets | Simon schreibt.

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This can be made straight up with static textures and a little creativity.

Here’s a quick video of the torch portion I made this morning. No pre-rendered content or animated textures… just panners and static custom made textures. Nothing terribly complex in itself, though I do tend to get a bit carried away and add a series of options (i added wind to this and some other custom controls to make it robust. Even now it could be simplified… much like doing any kind of shader, blueprint or code… you brute force something and then go back and think through to make it faster and smaller :slight_smile:


This was what I was looking for! @simonschreibt