Umut Civelek: Sketch #19 WIP

Hey! I’ll be joining on this sketch again! Was super hyped to hear about the new topic. Also having 2 months for this one, I’ve planned something a bit bigger than before.
Let me explain my idea:
Since the sketch goes over 2 months, I planned to create a sort of “timeline” that shows sparkly events in december and january. For my timeline I’ve chosen Advent->Christmas->New Year->Chinese New Year. I will make a calendar that shows the date to keep the viewer up to date.
With those events, I want to connect explosions & destruction with its according theme. For example, christmas will have sparkly colorful explosions with golden,red & green colors ; New year will have fountains of sparks & rockets… I think the idea comes through. :smiley:
Working on the christmas scene right now, as I want to bring the right feeling to it. Its supposed to be a joyful destruction and show the beautiful things of all those events in this short period of time.
This is the most current update:

And here is a gif of the calender:

Would like to hear what you guys think about this. I will try and pull this through & make it aesthetically fun to watch! :smiley:


Alright, after a good while, I have some updates to show!

Planned things for the next days are:

  • Make snowmans break apart and lie on the ground instead of disappear
  • Make particles visible after they come through the portal (so the back side is invisible)
  • Add some extra effects when the number breaks
  • Add some extra effects to the calendar (when it slows down / when it stops)
  • maybe foaming Champagne Bottles & a Champagne Waterfall

Any suggestiosn would be appreciated! :slight_smile: