UE5 Mentorship for a 10 Years of Unity Experience VFX Artist

Hello everyone!

I’ve been looking for quite a bit for Online mentorship for Unreal Engine 5 coming from Unity as a Sr. VFX Artist. Most of the things I find are for Beginners, and I’m looking mainly for a “Transition from Unity to Unreal” type of training.

That being said the type of mentorship I’m looking for is more technical, since most of the concepts are the same between engines it is mainly on how to translate something made in Unity into Unreal 5.

I wonder if anyone knows a Website or Online Schools to start with this more specialized training, with Realtime mentorship preferably or more “private” online classes.

I truly appreciate the help. Thank you so much.

I don’t think such a course exists as of yet.
All Niagara / VFX courses for Unreal would probably give you good Niagara foundations though.
@tharlevfx also just realeased a new ‘Intro to Niagara’ series, which might give you a good head-start.

I also highly recommend downloading the ContentExamples and going through the Niagara example maps. You will find most of the types of VFX that you might be familiar with and can dissect them there :slight_smile:
In the advanced Niagara examples, there are also some of the newer features showcased, like writing to RenderTargets, Simulations with Grid2D/3D etc.

Other than that, I would just take one of your favourite Unity effects and try to recreate it in Niagara. You will probably learn a lot just by doing that. Helped me when I transitioned over (Although that was in cascade back in the days).