UE5 cascade is dispear?

UE5 cascade is dispear?
Let me know if you know anyone.

So… it’s definitely will be legacy

Probably only Epic staff knows, and I doubt they’re allowed to say anything about it yet…

I think it’s been mentioned a few times that Cascade will be made redundant at some point. I doubt it will be just removed though. Epic usually supports their legacy stuff for a long time (e.g. Matinee).

A move that would make sense to me, would be to exclude it from UE5, but still keep it in UE4.


I guess so UE5 is expected

Probably yes. And this gives me nightmares, i hate Niagara completly (unecessary complex). What i’ll probably have to do: save a version of UE4 with Cascade (like the current one), build the effects there and then migrate to newer versions, with this plugin that converts Cascade to Niagara, it’llbe possible… At least so i hope.

Niagara is not that complex if you just want to use the same modules that you have in a cascade it’s easy. you need to just spend some time on it. I used to hate Niagara UI I wanted it to be completely node-based like material. still, it’s really tough to understand other artist’s files where he has his own module names and custom parameters. but overall its have lots of things that make your work very easy with limitless possibilities.