UE4 UV Spiral Distortion HELP

Hi, I`ve been trying to replicate this material from this twitter tip about distorting UVs in a spiral manner

As you can see in the tweet there the material nodes are not fully visible and I`m not smart enough to complete the material on my own, I certainly tried but all I got is a texture rotating…

If anyone could give me a hand on this I would appreciate it greatly<3

It looks correct, try lerping between 0 and 50 instead of 0 and 1.

It does not seem to work…
maybe some parameters within spheremask or rotator needs tweak :thinking:
Alas I am a dumdum so Ive no idea

Update; I got it!

In spheremask the radius is set to 256 in default which doesnt make sense in a UV context, so you need to set value within the range of 0 and 1

Very obvious if you think about it but then I have monke brain so

Thank you for helping me Mr Wyvery!

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