UE4: Particle Editor Extension

I was looking for a way to use turbulence on CPU particles and stumbled across this:


It’s pretty cool from what I’ve seen so far, and the developer seems open to suggestions for new functionality.
Definitely worth checking out.

~Mike D.


Video showing what it does. That color texture one looks really interesting.

That Swarm setting looks super handy

Actually requested a few dozen new functions to be added when I notice the pack, and most of them ended up being available. The author is a very awesome guy, always open for improvements and suggestions.
worth the money for sure.

(the only hassle I have is the occasional client that refuses to purchase it)
Additionally, while I did send im some error reports for ps4 builds, I cant say for certain it will run properly on xb1/ps4.
But I’ll forward this thread to him so he can clarify any doubts, and receive some thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


this looks really cool :slight_smile:

Hey, plugin author here. Thank you all for the kind words! :blush:

I think it is funny that everybody who looks at it has a different module that they find useful. :smiley:

As was already said, I am always open for suggestions. I can’t make any promises (the modules have to implement a certain interface, so for example creating new particles dynamically is not possible), but I will try my best if you have any ideas.

Just write me an Email and I will get back to you (which might sometimes require a bit of patience since I am doing this in my spare time ;)).