UE4 PA: 4..15 has a new Tonemapper

thats basically the entire announcement.
Besides this tonemapping being more cinematics focussed, its also ready for the HDR era.
Additonally, Bloom has gotten an overhaul as well, among some other visual tweaks.

This can result in having to get adjusted to all this, and your previous work will look different!
Especially emissive content can/will look different.
(Im personally loving it)

ctrl + f > tonemapper
4.15 Released! - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums!

Are HDR screens finally coming to consumers?! Gimmegimmegimme! The wait has been long enough!

I think my favorite new feature is the re-rout dots finally making it to the material editor. Nice clean connection line organization :heart_eyes:


Yup, and the maths nodes for the material editor are really welcome! No longer need to do a custom node just for saturate. Looks like a great build

Reroute nodes for material editor really shouldnt get me as excited as it does… :smiley: