UE4 niagara : How to spawn child vfx?

I’m trying to spawn multiple vfx at random position, Do I have to spawn them from a Blueprint?
By exemple: I have a explosion vfx from a niagara system. Then I want this explosion to spawn multiple time in an arena.
my reference is this video:

I want to spawn water column vfx like he did.

I tried with the location event but I can’t say to spawn the emitter only once.
Thanks for the help

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Hello there Goldoche,
It is doable, it’s just that with Niagara we kinda need to re-learn how to do things. :frowning:

First make sure that both of your emitters got a persistent IDs

Then in the particle update of the MASTER put a “generate Location/Collision/Death Event” (the one that you like)
and on the Slave (well not sure about this term) add and Event Handler and you should be able to choose which event you want from which particle Emitter.

And here you go!

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As @Pyrath mentioned, Location Events work quite nicely for this, if you want to have it all in one system. If you are having issues using them, just look at the NiagaraContentExamples, there is one for event location spawning.

If you can’t use the Location Events (for example, because you are using GPU particles), you can use blueprints. Either you spawn a new system for each location, or you feed the locations into the particle system via a User parameter (this is probably more complicated to set up).