UE4 Niagara - GBuffer Screenspace vector field experiment

Been playing around with the GBuffer access in Niagara 4.26 and got some pretty decent results using the velocity buffer used for motion blur/TAA as a screenspace vector field. This has much better resolution and handles rotational velocity a lot better than my previous approach which was to capture component velocities in a volume around the player with a compute shader, other benefit is it’s cheaper as I am using an existing resource instead of making a new one and all moving objects are already outputting velocities to it.

Next thing I’m going to try is to implement what naughty dog did for last of us and use the velocity buffer to stick particles to a moving surface.


very cool - the gbuffer sampler is super powerful, great to see some more cool things that can be done with it

Nice work! I’m curious to see if you can do the whole naughty ‘sticky particles’ thing.