UE4 Niagara Emitter's world placement in wrong place at a distance [SOLVED]

Hi everyone!

Just a few days ago I started learning UE4 and Niagara. So, one of my goals was to create a fountain of ribbons using 2 emitters (fountain of simple particles and ribbon emitter). So when I finished my emitter’s setup, I found that ribbon fountain works, but it placed at a distance from system’s origin in the world space.

but in the preview it is OK.

Where can be the trouble of this wrong placement of fountain at the level?

P.S. English is not my native language so there can be some mistakes, I’m sorry.

UPD: Trouble was found - default fountain was emitting at world space (Emitter settings) while ribbon emitter was emitting in Local space. Disabling ribbon emitter’s local space checkbox solved the problem.