Ue4 material issue - transformVector, Absolute World Position nodes cannot be found

Hello, I am a student starting to learn ue4 materials.
I have been following tutorial by unreal ‘Shaders in UE4’ and couldn’t find a node called transformVector. Right click on the mouse, searched transformVector, but couldnt find such node. Am I doing something wrong? plus, I couldnt find ‘Absolute World Position’ node either…

I think this is so noob question, but I’ve got nowhere to ask…

What version are you using? You should be able to find it under “Transform”, and it will be under the “Vector Ops”.

For the “Absolute World Position” you’ll probably want the TransformPosition node

I am using 4.22.2

this is the tutorial I want to follow. In here, the trainer uses ‘transformVector’ node

and in my material, there is none.

the second one is introduction of sphere mask. in the tutorial, he uses ‘Absolute World Position’ node which I couldnt find.

so, I tried to use transformPosition node instead as you suggested, and it seems to be used with an input.

I do think I lack knowledge of material and it’s nodes… how can I get to learn it?

just click on that node, change the input space and output space, just like you tweak a value in a scalar.
Green nodes have options, occasionally red nodes do as well.

In your screenshot “Which one”, you want to use the node “Transform”, and not “Transform Position

Absolute World Position” is just the “World Position” node. Once it’s dropped in, it will change it’s name.

If you would like more information, this link is always useful.


Thank you! I got it! like this, the name of the node which I have to search for and which is seen on the editor seems to be different. how should I figure out what I have to search for? for example, the node in the tutorial was ‘transformVector’, but what I should have look for was ‘transform’

One more question about the material. I can’t really understand the marked part means. converting (0,0,1) to world space results in center of the object? I think lerp between it and pixelNormalWS by a parameter decides how much its normal is affected by normal map, is it correct?