UE4 - Luos's Modular ImpactFX toolkit

Hey all! I am rather proud and even excited to announce that I just published a new package on the UE4 marketplace!
Just as the title stated, its the “Modular ImpactFX toolkit” and I went all out in optimization, user friendliness, and versatility.

I could go into all the details but since I’d be repeating the forum thread & mp-page I feel that would be a bit too much.
But I can say that its a fully fleshed out toolbox filled with impact related effects which are all tweakable in many ways trough material instances, usage of the dynamic module, and cascade. This allows you to create a near unlimited amount of effects.

Check it out at: Modular ImpactFX in Visual Effects - UE Marketplace

and a video:

hmm, @Keith what about an “marketplace/assets” ish catagory?


80.lv picked it up, which is def. a nice thing :slight_smile:

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