UE4 - How to position a material function texture?

I made an animated texture in the material shader. I then turned that into a material function. I now want to be able to scale and position this material function, but there are no UV inputs into this material function node, so I am not able to reposition it. Can anyone suggest how I can reposition it or give it UV coordinates so I can reposition it?

This is what the animated shader looks like.

Ultimately I want to place it where the white texture is, but to do that I need to be able to position it.

You can create an input node inside the function and externally in your material input whatever you want. Something like:

Is this what you mean?

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Yes, that’s exactly what I need to do. I should have thought a little harder about it before asking this question. My bad.

Though the Material function that wraps the UV’s into a disc is so complicated, I am still not sure where to plug those input nodes into. I will spend sometime today trying to figure that out before asking this question.,

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