UE4 Help with Emitters


I’m extremely new to VFX at large and very little experience under my belt with Unreal so I apologize if this is a silly question

I am working on my sword trail for the contest, and I wanted to do a cool time sword that does that really nifty after effect from old kung fu films

I’m having a really hard time getting it to work tho! What I thought I’d do is make a static mesh of the sword, and have it emit every second or so with a decay to make that cool after trail, but it doesn’t seem to show on the sword? I’m sure I’m doing something very obvious, but I can’t figure out what! Is it because I’m having it emit from a trail?

Thanks so much in advance! :purple_heart:

Heya, not seeing anything wrong with your mesh emitter atm. If you look in the bottom-right of the viewport you can see that it is spawning something.

Meshes often come out quite big due to the default size settings, did you check that?