UE4 - frothing the surface of the water?

I am making a whale breach and as all the GPU particles burst out of the water (with the whale) I also want to “froth” the surface of the water. I have thought of two ways of doing this.
one, I could make a decal with a frothy material that scales and fades way. Or two, I could add it to a particle that sits just above the surface and scales and fades away.

How would you approach it. As a decal or a Particle emitter?

Hey! Whale breach xD. I’ve done that one haha. Is your water surface displacing? If not then yeah an emitter with some nice foamy particles and some splashage to cover up any seams would work :slight_smile:

Also depends on how you’re going to be seeing the effect but the above worked for me xD

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