UE4 Alternative to the Orbit Module?

Hey everyone!

Does anyone have any methods of simulating the same effect as an orbit module, but without using the orbit module?

The reason I ask, is that I want 10 or so ‘orbs’ orbiting around a central point with trails/ribbons coming out the back of them, but of course you can’t put ribbons on particles with the Orbit module.

Other than manually plotting the points of Velocity/Life to make the particles move in a circle, is there a way to simulate the shape of Spherical orbiting?


set ur pfx system to local and rotate the entire object/system over time via script/animation/blueprint.

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Like 9 years ago I did use a single texture with dot in 1 of it corners and rotate it :wink: Worked but was stupid.

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I used to do flies this way :smiley:

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Hey! I bumped into this same question a few weeks back when working on something. I ended up using a spline blueprint… This tutorial and this forum post combined enabled me to create a circular spline with a looping timeline that would move particle system components along it. This enabled me to have a particle systems with trails attached to them (which you cannot do with the orbit module as it offsets the textures from their location as far as I am aware)

Hope this helps!


Vertex offset in world space! :smiley:


I would say blueprints and timelines, Thats how i do mine in most cases.