UE VFX Texture Maker

Some people might have seen this on twitter already, but basically I’m having some fun with building a texture maker into UE4.

The premis is really simple, it’s really just a Utility Widget wrapper around the DrawMaterialToRenderTarget node. Which allows you to take a material and bake it down to an RT and from there export it to a texture if you want.

I’m hopeing to show of some options in this post.

The first thing I did was to allow for entering a material, automatically setting up the MI and allow to change parameters from the widget.

In this form most of the power comes from the fact that you can feed it pretty much any material and bake out the result. Especially in combination with the custom node

There’s a little texture size selector. You wouldn’t want all your textures to be 1024 right?

And there’s a little button to check if the result tiles correctly

I’m also experimenting with drawing directly into the widget.

And something I did today, basic compute shaders.


Sorry for the spam!

I added a few of the textures I liked to a zip file and uploaded it to my website, so if you are interested you can read more on the linked thread!