UE 4.26 Niagara | Maintaining a set distance between particles while rotating

I am trying to get sprites to rotate around a point at different locations inside of a sphere location, but whenever I turn on Rotate Around Point they all collapse into one position. “Maintain a Set Distance Between Points” really doesn’t help either as it makes the particles move instantly and violently to different locations.

Is there some way I can get them all to maintain a certain distance away from each other while also rotating around the same point?

Not sure if you do mean to “maintain a certain distance away from each other”, because if I take it literally it means to get the positions of all the other particles via PAR and make all the particles push away each other in a loop which can get super expensive very quickly.

If you want all the particles to orbit around 1 single center in a fixed radius on a random plane, there is a much simpler approach to avoid “Rotate Around Point” and “Maintain A Set Distance Between Points” modules: just move the Sphere Location from Particle Spawn stage to Particle Update stage and set parameters like this.

This screen shot is taken in 5.1 which uses a “Shape Location” module to succeed all other primitive shape (sphere, cone, cube, etc.) location modules, but the same principle should apply to 4.26.

I tried that method in 4.26, and I couldn’t do anything in the Sphere Location with Transform like you can.

Thanks for showing me that, though, as I will eventually move onto UE 5, and it gives me a way to rotate points at uneven speeds.

I also figured out how to do what I was trying to figure out. Simply needed Return Normalized Exec Index in Rotate Around Point.

And I was talking about this module, which I guess was renamed in later versions?