Tutorial: Flowmaps

It’s been a while but another tutorial is live! This time I show how to use Houdini to create flowmaps for a river in Unreal 4. I cover the new tools from H16 and explain why curveguiding the flowmap is better than combing it. I hope you enjoy it!


Amazing tut as always! Thanks Partikel!

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Thank you ! Very usefull ! :smiley:

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Awww yeah! I was waiting for a new one! Thanks

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Very useful, I’m really loving this series of tutorials. This one has already served me well today at work.

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Awesome! I’m happy it helped :slight_smile:

Thank you for you tutorilas! It helps me alot!!! :slight_smile:

In Houdini (17.5.173) I don’t see the flowmap tool under the Game Dev toolset. Do you happen to know why? (I’m new to houdini).

It’s been updated. It’s still in the tab menu. The names are probably a bit different as well.
Search for flowmap on this page for the latest info:

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Thanks for the information! I have followed the instructions from this video
But for me it doesn’t seem to be working. (Using the 2nd method from the video tested with the stable and the Houdini 17 version from the repository)

But you already have the tools. They haven’t changed for a while. No need to update. They are just not in the shelf tools. Hit tab and type flowmap and they will show up.

I’m sorry man, I definitely don’t want to spam your post

I’m on the discord If you have some time and if you like to continue this on there better.

Yeah, that’s the object context, you need to be in SOPs… I think you should go through the basics first before attempting this tutorial or you’re going to have a bad time I think.