GDC'19 Tech Roundtable: Flowmaps

As you may have figured out by the title, during the GDC 2019 Edition of the “Technical Lens” Roundtable, the topic of flow map creation (like this example here) came about. It was requested that this topic was posted onto the forums to be linked in @Drew notes, for which I volunteered to create.

… and … um. Ta da! Here it is! So Meta!

I’ll update this topic once the notes are posted. :slightly_smiling_face:

TL;DR ( from what I recall ) - Some people use @Bruno Substance Filter to create a flowmap “And it works great!”

Looking forward to the flowmaps notes :slightly_smiling_face:

this is the physics based in engine tool i mentioned i was working on at the talk - it’s currently in submission for the Unreal marketplace but if you want a copy asap just drop me an email and i’ll send you a link. I won’t be giving it away for free for ever but happy to share a few copies if people want to test it out.

I also did a breakdown video of what they are and how they work that i already posted on my tutorials thread but it’s probably worth reposting here…

Is your physics based flowmap generator actually writing on the vertices of the mesh or are you using textures for that?

its just a render target so it writes to a texture that you can save a static copy of.