Tobias Noller: Sketch #6 WIP

Hey guys,
i usually don’t find the time to participate, but i did some mesh tests at home anyway, so i gave it a try.
Could be improved further by adding more details like smoke, dust particles, heathaze, vertex offestanims, glowy bits on the engine etc., but a rough direction is there already. Dunno if I will find the time to finish this though, but wanted to share anyway. The gif quality is also not perfect, sorry about that.


This looks super sexy dude, really great job! I hope you have time to work more on it, even if you don’t finish. The color range is really appealing.
I see that clipping or texture seem can’t quite tell >.<

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I really hope you get to work on this for at least another hour before deadline; just an FYI i sped it up x8 to make it violent and I think speeding it up x10 - 12 is a simple tweak to give it punch

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Small Update, added some more details:


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I really like the effect! Could you explain how it works? =D
I’m trying to make something similar but can’t achieve… don’t know how to say it right…flow smoothness like your effect has:

I think you’re on the right track. My effect is basically just a long mesh-particle with a panning texture and a fade out at the end:

What you could do to smooth out the panning:

  • Shifting some of your UVs slightly, to controll which areas have fast/slow flow.
  • Add another panning texture (a blurred and ‘smoother’ one) on top of the first one, which pans slightly slower
  • Get rid of the ‘jagged’ edges by adding a fresnel to your material, fading out the edges
  • Up the resolution of your mesh slightly and add a panning vertex offset, like a wave, this helps breaking up the silhouette
  • Slightly decrease opacity on your material and make it ‘double sided’