Tips on getting job asap

Im a beginner and im thinking what should i learn to get a job asap in vfx, i only have 2weeks experience in after effects, im thinking on getting a course on udemy but i am having this doubt that after i take that course i still wouldnt get a job, i want to take a course that can get me a job asap. I want to learn game vfx is it possible to get a job in 3-5months after taking a course? And i dont know what course i should take.

That’s very ambitious for any kind of skill, least of all realtime vfx.
It’s not impossible, but will highly depend on the amount of work and dedication you put into this + your talent. VFX is a tricky discipline to get into. I don’t want to deterr you from your goal. Just a warning to not bring your hopes up too much.

Your best bet might be:



There is loads of other suggestions and posts for beginners as well, if you just search for ‘beginner’ with the search function.


Gabriel Aguiar courses on Udemy are a really good start.

But no course will really prepare you for getting a job in 3 to 5 months - you will!

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I have my eyes on VFX Apprentice (Booms and Blasts 1~2) and the Stylized one from Rebelway.
Did you take any of those or know where can I read reviews about them?

I have the Booms and Blast course, and they are all very well laid out and informative, but how much you’ll get out of them depends on what your current experience is.

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Hi Travis! I remember you from the very first post I did here on the forums. It was very helpful, I always revisit it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I figured something like that.
Do you mind taking a look at what I made up to now? Only so you can get a feel where my “skill cap” is floating at the moment.

By the videos of the course on the VFXA website and comparing to what I did, I think Booms and Blast 1 and 2 would do tons of good to me. :star_struck:

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Yeah looking at your stuff on ArtStation, I think there is info you’d find useful from Booms and Blasts. There were some nice bits and pieces I found useful myself

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Nice! I think I will a lot from it then :star_struck:
Probably taking it this week!

I took 3 out of 4 of Gabriel Courses on Udemy, them being:


I think they are really good start, specially if you’re minding your budget because they cost about $10 bucks, I think.
I paid about R$35,00 (brazilian reais) which is about $7 or something.

If you can, go for the VFX Apprentice. I didn’t take this one, but I’m about to!
I was researching about it and I’m really optimistic about the content quality in Boom and Blasts 1 and 2.

If you’re just starting, don’t think too much because anything will teach you a lot! The best thing you can do now is sit down and start.

But yeah, no course will guarantee you a job, it’s all on you - and that’s a good thing, actually!

Good luck and enjoy the journey!

A friend of mine said the feedback & community really helped her out when doing the VFX Apprentice course, so not only the quality of the course itself, but also everything else that comes with it :slight_smile:
Haven’t done it myself though.

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