Tips / Advice about re-creating this in Unity VFX Graph

Hello all,

I’m spending some time learning the Unity VFX graph, and I’m using the following as a goal for effects I want to re-create in realtime rather than pre-renders:

I have already more or less completed the first effect. This is from a few days ago, and since then I have it looking considerably better / closer to the video:

I’m looking at starting on the second effect that starts at 33 seconds in the first link.

I’ll admit that I’m completely stumped as to how to even begin. I have a feeling that flow maps are somehow involved, but if so, they seem incredibly detailed. Are effects like this really done by drawing flow maps this detailed by hand? I’m also not sure how the line branching / sub-branching was achieved.

Part of the fun is discovering how to do this myself, but I’m stumped at the terms I should start Googling.

A nudge in the right direction from the VFX pros would be amazing.