Timothy Bermanseder: TGT Competition WIP

G’day friends!

This comp looks super awesome. Here is where I’ll be posting my WIP for the effect I end up creating.

Current Progrees:

Always happy for feedback or to share how I’m doing something! :slight_smile:

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First up, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do so I’ve mocked up three variations that I’m aiming for.

Scifi "Matter Suction Device"

The idea here was a weapon that “stripped” the object down into energy cubes and then fired them elsewhere, forming them into a new shape. Perhaps super useful for engineers building something?

Magical "Alchemical Transmutation"

The FMA inspiration is obvious, but I’ve always wanted an excuse to play with magical circles and the idea of the circles drawing themselves out sounds like a fun challenge to get stuck into.
Much less of a weapon though so I don’t know how this would fit the “Main characters unique weapon” design need (Unless maybe they fight with magic circles?) Still cool to explore.

Fantasy Tech "Polymorph Cannon"

As soon as I read transmutation I thought of polymorphing my friends into sheep, probably first time I did that was in Heretic (I think it was a pig back then) and figured it’d be a strange contraption a wizard might build.
This one is also much more responsive so in a game environment may make for much better gameplay.

Which mock up is your favourite? Also, do you guys ever draft your effects before building them? I normally do a quick doodle in a sketch book to break down the elements but get working in editor pretty darn quick honestly.

I doubt I’d have the time to polish them all up for the comp and I imagine we can only submit one entry anyway but it would be wicked to finish them all.


Baaaa! :smiley: Lovely

I’d say, maybe a sheep transmutation would fall under magic more then sci fi guns.

(At 1:11 btw)

Maybe more something like this (It does have a similar color pallet)?

Anyway, I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with :smiley:

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Haha yeah the polymorph is pretty Warcraft :smiley:
Great ref by the way I’m a big fan of the shapes they’re getting on the spells.

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I think the timing of the letters for BAAA could be more playful. :wink:

Looks so fun, keep going!


Just some quick work, nothing too solid yet. Not really getting the magical schzio tech feel I wanted so I’ll likely scrap the muzzle flash and probably the sparks for something a bit more whimsical


The polymorph cannon is such a great idea! Go for it =]

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An update.
I’ve gone ahead with the Polymorph cannon.
Here is my current progress, sorry for the music/quality I just did a quick screen grab.

Still very much in progress but I’ve got the base functionality down.
I can designate what object to turn it into and it is dynamic enough that it can be fired at anything… I wonder if I could shoot the ground with it haha.

Not very happy with the actual FX yet, timing is all over the place and the shapes are pretty dull but with this work done I can begin building on top of them.

Hope you like how it’s coming along :slight_smile: