Time for my next Adventure. Suggestions?

Hey everyone, Today was my last official day at Full Sail University. in just about a week I shall be Graduating. but now I have free time and I’m currently going to the rush of creativity.

My Demo Reel was animation focused on animation but I want to practice on some VFX since I like it’s something I enjoy looking at and learning.

I’ve recently been gathering a bit of information on Reel time VFX but I have quite a bit of questions before I overwhelm myself with tutorials.

When it comes to the VFX world I’m only dabbled in Maya and Houdini. I’ve already have Unreal, never even touched it besides moving the map.

Question: Unreal or Unity?


Hey there Zoe! Congrats on finishing school! Woo! :smile:

To answer your question I think most people would agree that the tool doesn’t matter. Personally I like UE4. The next guy might prefer Unity. You can create amazing VFX in either, just pick one and learn it well.

As for your reel, have you posted it on sites like http://www.11secondclub.com/ yet? Asking for feedback on your work is always a great way to get your stuff out there while simultaneously improving it. Since they’re more specialized in character animation, I’d hit up their forums for sure! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I look forward to seeing your first tests in VFX!

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From my experience as a student:

  1. Both are awesome lol, I taught myself both because each one give you small things that I found the other doesn’t (yet!).
  2. Unity - viewport will feel to you familiar right away if you are used to Maya. (unreal is unique and I’m not a big fan of it).
  3. Both use FBX for you simulations.
  4. Unreal Material builder is great if you want to dive to the Shaders world and you don’t have any codding background.
  5. Unity - is great if you want to learn CG (Nvidia Shader Programming language) - “Shaderforge” is also a great tool I started with before moving to math codding and learning unreal.

*Things will look right out of the box better in unreal since you get the post effects already applied but there is nothing that Unity cannot achieve as well.

*Bottom line you will work a lot with textures, spreadsheets, particles and Shaders. since you are an animator so importing your FBX will be easy on both and working with the Skeletons/Animators is easy to grab on.

My personal opinion unity is bare bone editor that let you develop your game as you want (developers that code as I heard tend to lean towards unity more, as my programming professor teach us Unity :stuck_out_tongue:).

But its not the tool but what you do with it, so my best advice is to choose the one that catch your eyes, first play around with it and once you feel ready grab the other one. (Don’t forget CryEngine aswell :stuck_out_tongue:).

Sorry for writing so much but congratz and welcome aboard !

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Thanks. I shall choose Unreal 4 for the time being. can anyone link me to some getting started in Unreal Tutorials or Links that you found helpful when starting out in Unreal?

go to “LEARN” tab and you will find everything you need before you pickup your private projects and needs.

have fun

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Epic’s stuff is godsend that Ohadgfx linked to.

Here’s the direct link to their Youtube page

Also, we already have a good amount of resources piling up in the resources section :wink:

Check it out: Resources & Knowledge - Real Time VFX

Best of luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

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