Tiling part of a UV Mapped Texture during Mesh Scale (UE 5.1)

I have a bridge segment. It’s a nice bridge segment:

My goal is to scale the bridge (lengthwise, only one axis - X) so it can be longer or shorter pieces to cover different areas/gaps.

The bridge is UV mapped, and other parts of the bridge share the texture:

I tried locking the texture scale on that axis, but the UV mapping outside this segment is showing in the scaled up surface:

What would be a good way to be able to scale up this static mesh, but it only uses its mapped UV areas? Am I asked too much or does this need to be its own perfect square texture?

I’m in UE5.1

Having your texture tileable in at least one direction would certainly make things easier (On X would be preferable since you only plan to scale the mesh on X as well). If you had it set up as such, then I could share an easy solution to get the result and control you’re looking for

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I’m actually going to rework it so it’s tileable on the x. I would very much like to see your solution!

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Hello bbastian,
I think the best solution is to create a good trim sheet, as it should solve this problem. If it is properly planned out, you can use it for a bunch of other assets too. Here is a nice clean guide for that: https://www.artstation.com/blogs/jennifermcgarry/yd4Q/jenns-guide-to-trim-sheets
But there are plenty of other resources that might fit your workflow better.

One sidenote: It might save drawcalls, if you repeat using the same segement without rescaling, as it can be instanced/batched together then, if you have a hand full of pieces, that are different scales everytime, this should not work. (I do not now the actual usecase, so this might not be effecting you)

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That was a great read. Funny how I’ve known bits and pieces of that process but never a name to call it or the missing pieces in the process. So helpful.

Once clarification though, you are saying that if I have two bridge segments same Z,Y but different on X axis (small filler piece and one large big span piece) those two can’t be instanced/batched, so there is come balance here using set piece sizes?