Thomas Corvée : Sketch #63 "Knockback"


Final render:

Hi! This is my first participation in a VFX challenge, I’m so hyped !! I finally have some extra time to make personal projects again and I got inspired by this theme!

I will use this challenge to practice different things I’ve never worked on before so I gathered some references :

I want to make a nice dash attack coming from all around the target like this:

For the big burst, I want to try using an impact frame to amplify the tension. I love this reference and I will try to get as much tension with the impact frame and slo-mo

This is where I’m at for the moment, I’m just putting in some elements and will polish them later when I have everything in place :slight_smile:


Even if it’s wip, don’t hesitate if you have any feedbacks :+1:


Hey Chipster
Your enthusiasm is infectious, and it sounds like you’ve got some awesome ideas for the challenge. The dash attack concept and the use of an impact frame for the big burst sound really exciting. The references you’ve gathered are spot on for creating a dynamic and visually striking effect. I’m looking forward to seeing your progress and final result. Good luck, and have fun with the challenge!


I already love how your elements look like! Keep up an amazing work!

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Hi! Thanks for your comments it’s encouraging! :grin:


I made a small update on the project lately. Basically, I just duplicated the dash I previously made and put it all around the target! I also added a small circle with a dissolve to feel like the ball is going too fast for the camera ( deeply inspired by this awesome moment in the anime Naruto).


I also need to add some slashes on the target, make it move a bit, add some camera shakes, and make the final burst. I can’t wait to do it!

:exclamation: Big Update but still WIP :exclamation:

I’m glad about how it goes, I still have some polish to do and a few more elements to add but I like the direction it takes!

I faced a problem at the end because I wanted to make a big burst in order to work on impact frames BUT it felt like the ball was just completely destroyed and not “knocked back” so I moved back the camera and added some smokes like in Super Smash Bros to feel the knockback better. I also duplicated these smokes with a darker color, low alpha, and facing up to fake shadows on the ground. I hope the action is clear enough :sweat_smile:


Aaaand that’s it! I think I can say that this project is finally finished :partying_face:

I hope you like it :grin:

The polish pass at the end was significant in linking the elements and smoothing the overall feeling of the effects.

I loved this challenge as the theme deeply inspired me, and I can’t wait to do more challenges like this!