The ultimate node based editor?

I know we have Niagara coming down the line and Popcorn is hot on their heels.
PFlow has been node based forever.
Houdini is nodebased everything.
vvvv is yet another container based system.
I remember ICE but never had the pleasure of using it.

What features of node based editors for FX were most useful to you specifically in production? They seem like they would be hard to maintain, harder than materials even.

I turned on niagara just to see what i could glean. Thinking in nodes for particles is going to be an unusual experience for me.

I see problems with timelines and arrays (which vvvv handles well as “spreads”)

What’s cool? (screenshots if possible)

I remember seeing this a long time ago. I wonder how they’re doing, time to dig in.

If only the interface were clearer and easier to understand. There is a charm to minimalism. It’s like bauhaus design, simple, direct, but uncomfortable in practice.

I can imagine this outputs really nasty code. Link posted just because I wonder if you could build a particle editor using it.

Oh holy shit… ShaderTool has gone a long way. You can import pixel shaders directly from
ShaderTool on Steam

A little over halfway into the first video you can see him copy paste bingo.

Ah I remember seeing nodeflex a while ago too and forgot the name! Looks really interesting.

Fabric has always been interesting too. They had a UE4 integration iirc but I haven’t kept up with it since.

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