Texture particle spawn radial over time

Hello everyone sorry for bothering you. I’m still learning Niagara and i’d like to make a vfx where it starts with a kind of radial loading sprite but i don’t know how to archieve it.

My goal is to create a sort of circle texture that start from 0 degrees angle to 360 by completing the texture itself (so the player can figure it out as a cooldown), from then i’ll spawn the explosion. I already have the explosion fx ready but i don’t know how to setup the “cooldown effect”

Something like this just so you can visualize what i’m talking about


The reference footage shown, which im assuming your referring to the greek pattern disc mesh. that’s probably either a UV mask or a vertex colour mask that’s animated over time.

Thomas has a good tutorial on grayscale animations Animating Materials with Gradients - YouTube
This can easily be applied to a disc mesh that already has radial UV coordinates. (then selecting either the U or the V channel)

Thank you so much! That’s exactly what i was looking for, really appreciate it :slight_smile: