Tedd_IO's Sketchbook (Most recent: God Rays)

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Hey there, I’m Tedd_IO, I found this community and decide to dip my toes into it by making my own sketchbook where I can post some of the stuff I make.

My most recent effect is my rendition of the Agannazar’s Scorcher spell from DnD 5e, I used it as an opportunity to learn how to make stylized flames since I had never tried it before. I Quite Liked the effect.


Older Effects:


I’d appreciate feedback on any of my effects and would be glad to answer any questions if any arise.


Welcome @Tedd_IO!

Hope we’ll be able to share knowledge to the best of our capabilities!

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Thank you!, I Hope so too.

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This looks great! Id love to know how the actual animation for the flame effect is working, are you just animating the cylinder by hand to get the growing and shrinking effect?


Hi, first off, Thanks!

To answer your question, the Blast animation is mostly done using noise based vertex displacement, so most of the actual movement is not controlled and is not manually animated. However I use a script + animation curve to clamp the maximum value that the displacement is allowed to output, that lets me make the fade-in and fade-out parts of the beam effect, where it’s rapidly grows or shrinks into non-existence.

(you can see the img in better res in imgur by clicking it)

The “Script Controlled Intensity” Is where the animation curve comes in to clamp the output, the rest is controlled by the gradient noise.


looks nice… i like hand trails…


That’s beautiful :o i like the overall flow.
Some ideas to improve:
At the end of the effect of the flame, why not let it down like you do and then a little break then a little flame again? Like it’s really over. I don’t know if you see what I mean ^^
And another one for the same effect, we can see at the end the mesh of the flame effect, maybe you want it but I think you should make it smoother, with a dissolve then it’s not completly round. I don’t know, it’s just a supposition :slight_smile:

Another question, what did you use to make such a beautiful gif? I tried ShareX but it’s not so beautiful than you :o


Thank you!

I believe I understood your first comment, you mean have it flicker back for a kind of secondary blast after the main effect? if so, I hadn’t thought of that and it might make the effect a bit more interesting, thank you.

As for the flame’s edges, you are right, you can see them at some points, I’ll use a smoother mask next time!

Also, I use the ScreenToGif program to record gifs.

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My most recent effect if a sort of stun spell that I made to try out a couple new techniques i’m working on, made with unity.

feedback is always welcome!

After a busy couple of days I decided to sit down and make a simpler, little pretty effect. So I made this Godray effect using 2 Cones.