Talk/Video: Stylized VFX in RIME

Hi guys, I gave a little talk at the ADDON conference about the stylized effects in the game RIME and wanted to let you know that the recorded video was just released.

Below you can find the video. If you want a little bit more information and some photos you can visit my blog: Stylized VFX in RIME | Simon schreibt.


Thanks for share.Looking for more like this video

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Amazing talk!The VFX in game is beautiful.I learned a lot of skills.Thank you very much!:grinning:

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Love it! Showing what you did with that waterfall was really awesome… and the results are amazing. Well done! Thanks for the video!! :heart_eyes:

Amazing Video Simon I can’t wait to see the updates on your blog and channel.
I really love the passion you have for game effects, you are a natural talented genius.

Sweet! Will check this out now, thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Thanks for share!! It`s very useful!!

Those waterfalls are hypnotically beautiful! And yeah, this is a great video. Some cool tips, so thanks for sharing.

Thank you Simon, your blog is a gold mine!

Amazing presentation again Simon, I am a big fan of your videos. Keep learning something from it. Very Very Informative.

P.S. I just brought the game and its amazinggg … !!

Thanks for all the kind words! Don’t make me blush :blush:


Amazing, thanks for sharing!

Thanks Simon for all your done. Especially enjoyed the waterfall breakdown! Keep it up with the amazing content!

thanks for sharing, I’ve been doing some r&d on stylized water effects myself at home.

@Mark also posted this breakdown of some water stuffs in League of Legends:


yeah i saw this, really cool! actually i wanted to ask something about league @Mark: when you’ve fx like beams, do you cut them so that the tiling always looks right (instead of stretching the beam which would lead to heavy tiling when you aim at someting really near to the player)?

Wow, such a great article! Thank you very much! It was super useful!!!

@simonschreibt Maybe you know where to find other vids from ADDON event?

Unfortunately they were not recorded and also were given only in french. I brought my own camera and mic to make sure I can record my talk.


You’re so prudent! Will looking forward to see more of your talks in future!