Summoner's Rift Water fall Break down

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this break down video for Summoner’s Rift water falls!
Just like the Environment Art, we wanted something timeless and painterly. Over all, our intent for Summoner’s Rift VFX was to give some form of movement to the environment, a “life pass”, but still not distracting from the game play space.

In Game Shots:


here are some awesome reference for water falls!

and some more awesome ref, painting, real life, and everything in between! :smiley:


Lovely effect. <3 Thanks for sharing the breakdown.

These are some exotic references. Treat to watch

Thank you very much for posting this! I love those fake specs!

This is really great! Thanks for posting this. :smiley:

That looks really cool, thanks for sharing! :smiley:

I get the feeling that the mesh is quite highpoly though.
Is that to make sure it can be placed on multiple places in the level?

Thank you for sharing!

Thanks everyone! can’t wait to share more, and learn from everyone else!
polycount wise,they are around 200 tries, i could have made them lower, but in some parts it felt polygonal, and some of the UVs acted funky. haha

Thanks for sharing the technique. Do you have a website? I’d love to check out your portfolio =]

Really nice work and some great reference material.

Thank you for sharing this!
I noticed that almost every LoL VFX looked great but really simple in realisation. Such a great job!