Talk/Video: Cool Stuff with Textures

Hi guys, I gave a little talk at the Digital Art Conference about many cool tricks we did with textures in the game The Invisible Hours and wanted to let you know that the recorded video was just released.

Below you can find the video. If you want extra content and more information you can visit my blog: Cool Stuff with Textures | Simon schreibt.


Great talk, appreciate the extra follow up inserts… really helpful. Thank you

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Great talk, thanks for answering the second question a little more detailed and preparing a proper video :slight_smile:
I’ll test out a render target solution as soon as i find the time…

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Loved the talk, my favourite bits were the smoke effect and the UV map animations at the end.

It’s hard to find stuff as well edited and put together as yours.

Thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile:

Great stuff as always Simon! Thanks!

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Great talk indeed! I really like how much effort you put into presenting your work and findings, big thanks for your commitment!

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