Stylized VFX for Unreal Engine 5

Ohai! :gem:

Big surprise! We just released an Anime-like Stylized VFX asset pack in the Unreal Engine Marketplace :sparkles:

It’s hugely inspired by games like Genshin Impact, Zelda Breath Of The Wild and Pokémon among others!

:sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles: Go get it right now! :sparkles: :sparkles: :sparkles:

The pack contains:

  • 67 unique VFX
  • VFX Elemental Slashes
  • VFX Elemental Looping Slashes
  • VFX Elemental Piercing Slashes
  • VFX Elemental Projectiles
  • Customizable Niagara VFX Systems
  • Customizable VFX Selector
  • Sound Effects for each Visual Effect
  • UI for display purposes for your personal projects
  • Set of easily customizable Blueprints

Compatible both with Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5

We really do hope you like this!

These VFX and SFX have been developed by the talented @Arklan so big kudos to him! :sparkling_heart:

With love, from Vefects :cherry_blossom:

Here are some screenshots of what’s included in the pack!


They all look amazing! Gonna get a copy soon, i really want to see how you made them :slight_smile:

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