Stylized Fireball VFX for practice. Constructive criticism is always appreciated

Hi Krisztian!

This looks very cool already.
If you could introduce a second Trail, shorter and wider than the tail one. With a pan speed in the middle between tip and tail, the elements might flow into each other more naturally.

For reference, @AlexFedorov made a detailed breakdown of a similar effect:

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I would add more emissions on the tip of the fireball. and if you are using a mesh for that maybe adding some noise to it will make the shape more interesting. looks good

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Sounds good, thanks for the tip. I’ll definitely try it out.

Alright. Let’s try it out! Thank you!

Looks cool! for me the main issue is the fireball itself has very graphic and hard edges, but the trail is much softer, I suggest either making both hard or both soft to keep some visual cohesion.

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I made some changes, I’m my opinion it got better.
Thank you, guys! All of you deserve credit for that. @Dom @4Li7 @Direct-Duck


Looks great already!
I would probably also break up the silhouette of the front slightly. E.g. by adding some ripples or slightly more contrast.
Right now it looks very ‘clean’, whereas the rest of your effect (trail) is very firey/wild.
Something like this is what I mean:

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Hi! Good idea, thank you! I’ll try it out. Would you modify the mesh or add extra layers on top of it?

I’d try to make the mesh slightly wobble with vertex displacement. But if you like the sharp brightness of it, you could also just add something more irradic on top. Just experiment with it, whatever feels best :slight_smile:

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Sorry, @TobiasTobasco for the late reply. Thank you for your opinion. I added vertex displacement and now it feels like the fireball has more energy. It got even better!


Love the progress in this thread.

The vertex displacement looks great but the color styling on the front doesn’t quite match the trail now. The two elements feel very separated. The trail looks very smooth and stylized but the front reads more realistic.

Perhaps experiment with a stylized noise texture, or perhaps using larger scale noise, or maybe less noise strength in the coloring to make the trail and front more cohesive.

Really liking the progress and the trail is simply gorgeous, but I’m also inclined to agree with Jeff about the color mismatch after the latest update.
Also I see your trail is fading out with a simple alpha, you could also add some alpha erosion to it, it adds a lot of complex motion. I’ll shamelessly link @TobiasTobasco’s blog post about how you could work on that.