Stylized Female Character for your VFX Portfolio! 💖

Hey there! Lush here! :sparkling_heart:

As a member of the Vefects team, I’m proud to present to you our very own Stylized Female Character, Vexa!

We made this character SPECIALLY to be used for display and portfolio building purposes. :sparkles:

We wanted to have some high quality model to be used instead of the base Unreal Mannequin or Mixamo robots.

It contains 25 animations such as Healing, Gun Shots, Damage Reactions and Spell Casting, so you can create a multitude of VFX to contextually see how they would work on a real professional use-case scenario!

I wish I had this model back in the day when I used to participate on the VFX Monthly Sketches hehehehehe

We’d love to see some VFX newcomers and experts using this as a base to display their FX on top of, so we’re giving away 3 Free Package Vouchers for the Unity Asset Store version!




If these were already used when you read this, you can still get Vexa in the Unity Asset Store and in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. We’re really looking forward to give away some more codes soon!

Feel free to reach us out for any doubts and suggestions you might have, such as a cool animation you’d like to see added, or another feature you might think of. We’ll be glad to send a code your way if we like your proposal!

Also, check out our Unreal Engine vendor profile, as we also have a VFX Pack we’ll be sharing with you soon. Unity is taking its time to accept some more VFX packs we’ve been working on. Once that’s done, we’ll give away a couple codes too! :gem:

I really hope this is useful and you enjoy it :sparkles:

Have an amazing day :sparkling_heart: