[Student] VFX needed for student senior thesis film!

I’m currently a senior at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City and I’m working on my thesis film project. I am looking for an effects artist who can work with popcornfx or Unreal’s own tools to make effects for my short film.
The short film is well into production. 3D animation is at about 60% complete, slated to finish by the end of January. Characters are already modeled and textured, as well as their weapons. The environment is done, just a few cinematic tweaks to finish off. I have 5 people animating and 4 others working on modeling and texturing.

Effects needed:

Darkness Element/Smoke
Sword Trails/Slashes
Ground Explosions/Rock Smashes

Here is the full animatic of the short to demonstrate what will be needed.

Hi @Jaime_Silva -

Welcome to the community, and thanks for posting an opportunity for some cool vfx tasks. This post sparked a small discussion from us trying to figure out where to put it. The “Jobs” category is being revamped at the moment to work around a recruiting board, so for now, i’m moving this into “General” where I hope it gets a bit more attention and views for you.

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