Streaming Event - VFX Lectures for Charity

Dear VFX Community,

At Tuatara, we would like to share that next week we’ll be live streaming over 7 hours of free realtime VFX lectures to promote Child’s Play Charity, a charity that improves the lives of children through the power of play. We’ll announce a full schedule later this week!

We’ll also record the streams and provide lots of source materials through GitHub !

There will be a healthy mix of Unreal and Unity content along with Substance Designer and more traditional methods.

We’ll provide more information soon, stay tuned !

If you want to see a preview of the effects we’ll present, take a look at the announcement Tweet.


Here is the schedule for our Child’s Play Charity stream event next week ! :sparkles:

GIF 11-12-2021 14-05-05 GIF 11-12-2021 14-17-20

Each lecture will take roughly an hour and consist of a presentation and Q&A afterwards.

  • Tuesday 9am PST to 11am PST
  • Wednesday 9am PST to 11am PST
  • Thursday 9am PST to 12am PST

See you soon !


Starting tomorrow we’ll share vfx breakdown and tips for our @CPCharity stream !

Tuatara Twitch

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Hey everyone !

We first would like to thank everyone for being there with us during our streams, for supporting us and of course for your donations for Child’s Play. This was an incredible experience for all of us as we’ve never done any event like this and a lot of us never streamed, but definitely like it a lot !

In addition to you generous donations, we’ve decided to add 5000$ which pushes the total amount to 7131.03$ .

If you didn’t had the chance to see the streams you can still take a look at the sessions using Twitch VODs for a limited amount of time :

We’ll also publish those sessions on Youtube, beginning next year.

Feel free to also take a look at some of the projects : GitHub - Tuatara-VFX/charity-stream-2021: 🗺️ Tuatara charity stream 2021 project files

Thank you again for your support ! See you next time 😉


Hey everyone, we are currently uploading our streams to Youtube.
Here’s our first shot :


A new lecture is available on Youtube ! :grinning:

Making Water using Unity’s VFX Graph and Custom Passes

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A new lecture just got uploaded on Youtube, take a look !

Making Making a Lava Lamp Effect in Unreal Engine


thank you so much for making these lectures <3


Thanks for the kind words <3

Here’s part 6, Let’s make a Light Beam Effect in Unreal Engine !


Here’s our latest lecture about Making a Character Effect in Unreal Engine

Hope you had a great moment and enjoyed watching those lectures, stay tuned for future events 


Nice video! Really helpful technique!
I’ve used this e.g. for ‘Personal Shield’ effects on characters. Can also be a proxy mesh with less geo to save verts.

Thanks ! Glad that you find this helpful :+1:
Yeah shield effects are also a great usecase which could add another interesting layer of complexity related to impacts.