Start in vfx

Hi, I’m new in vfx, for start I want to learn Nuke and after Houdini, is it a good choise? I have so many questions, for example where I can find tutorials or courses (also for money) for learn Nuke? I mean videos with a logical program, not random.
How much is important Houdini in vfx? I have seen the particle system and it’s very powerful and realistic, can I have the same results with Blender or it’s another world?
I don’t know on which sector I would like to specialize but I think someone related to cinematography.

PS: my first choise it was Fusion Revolve, but I did not find a lot of materials so I changed.

PPS: sorry for my errors but I’m italian, I hope you can understand:)

Hey @Riccardo this is a forum for Real time VFX. It sounds like you’re looking for some help with film. Unfortunately I think this is perhaps the wrong forum to help you with this endeavor.

I mean vfx artist for cinematography, like compositing in a film or a videos. With the “sector” word I mean like matte painting artist for example. But it is always the vfx artist I would like to do.
Maybe I did not say it clear enough…

It’s a forum about VFX for Games, as the Realtime stands out. You might wanna try to get into the Hougini Artists FB fanpage or any Discord related to this.

Oh, ok, so sorry for yours time:P