Some VFX works I did for 《Borderlands3》

First post here, I feel like to share some old VFX works I did for 《Borderlands3》 and DLCs long time ago with you,
Hope the embeded videos works!

Carnivora cinematic VFX:

DLC 《Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot》
Jackpot FInal Boss fight:
Beams, Impact, destruction, etc.

DLC 《Guns, Love, and Tentacles》
Eleanor and the Heart Final Boss fight:
Mostly are blood and impact

Wendigo Boss fight:
Flame, trail, impact, destruction, etc

More destructions:

BL3_Montage_CarnivoraCutscene_01 -GIF

Thanks for watching~!


Iam really love your work. Would you mind if i ask for the workflow and software to archive these kind of destruction effect ?

Hi! TY Neko_Yamada,
Those are really old stuff, I used mostly Houdini & 3ds Max for destructions/ textures.
All other stuffs are mostly done with Unreal4.
I believe now people can use more tools like fluidninja and embergen with which we can also make detailed textures.

Thank you for your information.

Awesome work! Always love seeing Houdini to games workflows.

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Thank so much Ash! Yeah man I still want to learn a lot from you guys! :smiley:

very cool! really love this game and the VFX are soo chunky and satisfying :slight_smile:

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