[solve]How do you make this texture?



you could try an external smoothing tool like Lazy Nezumi


And I thought I was pretty good at painting fire…now I feel lame…


Nice thread, introduced me to Flame Painter which seems pretty useful!

Does anyone have an example of an effect using these kinds of textures within a particle system?


I set it this way, but the particles did not come apart and became a thread. I also used the hand-painted board.Sorry for the poor English.


Probably you can achieve similar effects by using some distorted geometry and simple materials with frenel in opacity/diffuse slot.


It’s quite strange that anytime I have this thought of “I wonder how such stuff is done”, a subject pops-up on realtimevfx forums in 2 days, covering the exact think I thought of. This is supernatural! Thanks all! :slight_smile:


I’ve been dragging my feet on releasing this, but I wrote a blueprint in UE4 that can do a long exposure scene captures by writing to a render target on tick (Aptly named Lightwriter). It’s perfect for stuff like this. Here are some gifs showing it in action. It’s ready to release, but it needs good documentation (and some more example). Hopefully I can do that by this weekend.



that looks frying sweet Bill! /me likes :slight_smile:


You mean you used graphic tablet? It should work okay with tablets too, I suppose you can just drag the sliders and check result, drag the sliders and check result until you get something you like.


Damn that’s so cool! I’d love to play with it :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’m working with a programmer here sometime this week to get UMG support for the blutility section, then I’ll release it I swear :slight_smile: